Unemployment vs Skill Shortages

While South Africa faces a monumental unemployment crisis with at least 28 percent of the working population without jobs, South African companies are struggling with a lack of skills in the workplace, hampering productivity and efficiency in an increasingly worsening economy.

Add to this growing pressure on the private sector from government to not only up skill employees but accelerate transformation and it’s hard not to see just why we have reached all-time lows when it comes to business confidence.

However, one of the most empowering things during a time of seeming helplessness is taking charge of the areas of a business where one can make a difference. One crucial area has to be skills development. The only problem is that, up until now, this has been a desperate attempt to plug holes with little meaningful information and research to guide often overwhelmed human resources executives – another big negative.

Know Your Potential Hazards

Occupational health and safety are critical, especially for companies in the manufacturing, mining and construction sectors where an unsafe work environment can have massive repercussions.   In short, companies need to ensure that their employees not only know about the potential hazards associated with equipment, machinery and potentially harmful substances but also know how to operate equipment, machinery and even vehicles such as fork lifts and trucks.