Providing customised solutions to unique challenges faced by individual companies every day.

SOLUTIONS CONNEXION, a Cape Town based information technology company, specialises in skills auditing, systems design, skills development and individual coaching. We provide a perfectly aligned range of services that are not only attuned to the needs of specific sectors but also tackle the unique challenges faced by individual companies every day.  

We use state-of-the-art technology to identify procedural and skills gaps and then develop and streamline systems which are implemented through relevant training and coaching programmes. With our experience and technology, we can support clients so that they can identify and bridge gaps, optimise their strengths and deliver results to complex problems within a very short space of time.

SOLUTIONS CONNEXION specialises in the development of sophisticated human resources management solutions that streamline essential skills development processes. Our solutions are characterised by a high degree of automation and electronic delivery in order to ensure that they can be easily synchronised with systems that are at the heart of business today.  We have proven expertise in creating leading edge skills development management systems aimed specifically at the corporate market.  

Since our establishment in 2001, we have worked tirelessly to develop systems that complement existing human resources practices, government legislation and digital advancements.  Our flagship solution, eSkills Auditing, uses an innovative electronic algorithm to accurately pinpoint an organisation’s skills gaps that impacts on their bottom line.

Mark Dane

Managing Director

Solutions Connexion
+27 (0)83 309 1146

With over thirty years of experience in information technology, founding member and managing director of SOLUTIONS CONNEXION, Mark Dane, specialises in developing individual solutions that are tailor made for each of his clients.

A Business Analyst, he holds a National Diploma in Computer Data Processing.  His considerable experience in the corporate sector has enabled him to identify typical procedural and productivity challenges that face both managers and employers every day.  Mark established his first information technology systems company in 2001.  Since then, he has built a strong business foundation in South Africa with user friendly, cost effective, innovative business software solutions.

Mark’s realization that company profits are directly linked to its’ employee’s skill resources coupled with his passion for upskilling workplaces in South Africa, led to his latest achievement – eSkills Auditing.  He masterminded a revolutionary Algorithm which conducts accurate skills audits in a matter of days with no workplace disruption.

Falk Winter

Sales Director

Solutions Connexion
+27 (0)64 320 4459

Falk has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and sales of consumer goods, software, computers, toys, paper, automotive parts, promotional and online services in a wide range of industries in Europe and Africa. As VP Sales for Europe he has been working with Fortune 500 companies to sell their products and services. Additionally, he worked as Hospital and Regional Director for a large NGO in East and West Afrika to support people with disabilities.

Originally from Germany, he made Cape Town his home after traveling all over the world. He now provides his experiences, energy and enthusiasm to empower people in South Africa.

As a Master in Business Administration he also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Master Life Coach.

Falk enjoys collaborating with others, to empower, motivate, train and develop their unique skills. He met Mark and was very impressed with his approach to quickly and effectively assess and improve the skills of employees of mid-size and large companies in South Africa.